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Kat Whitfield Design

Healing Companions Infographic


Healing Companions, Inc.

My Role

Designer & Copywriter 

The Project

Healing companions is a non-profit with a 3-pronged mission: 

  1. Save shelter dogs 
  2. Give job skills to inmates via dog training 
  3. Provide much-needed psychiatric service dogs to those living with mental illness 

Training these dogs requires funding and volunteers. The organization pitched to potential donors and investors, but found their pitch deck lacking. 

So Healing Companions came to me with some very specific goals in mind: 

  1. Represent the brand better than an uninspired powerpoint
  2. Quickly get across the problems their organization attempts to solve, and how. 
  3. Include very specific calls to action to motivate viewers to visit their site, volunteer, or donate. 

Some of the challenges I faced on this project included:

  • Pleasing multiple board members
  • Designing with potential future use in print
  • Conveying a somewhat complex mission quickly 
  • A requirement to work with a handful of low-resolution photos.

I solved the third problem with the circle featured prominently in the center of the graphic. By clearly dividing the mission into 3 colors and showing how their process is a cycle graphically, viewers can quickly digest what exactly Healing Companions does. 

The circle also allowed me to use the low-resolution photos in a way that effectively masked their flaws. De-saturating the photos then overlaying them with a solid color was the solution I used to distract the eye just enough. 

The format was created to be easily translated into a brochure format should they decide down the line to move forward with print materials. (Provided higher-resolution photos become available)

The result is an infographic that Healing Companions uses in pitch decks, social media, and on their website to draw in new viewers, donors, and volunteers.