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Kat Whitfield Design

SEO Infographic


Everest Agency

My Role

Designer & Copywriter 

The Project

At Everest Agency, I was head of the SEO & PPC services. After spending a lot of time on SEO sales calls and in meetings. I often found myself needing to explain the basic concepts of SEO to our clients. At first this was a bit of a challenge, as correct explanations can get a little technical for a dental practice that just wants to show up on Google. 

I love any opportunity to teach, and tried to come up with the easiest way possible to quickly explain what SEO was and the most basic principles behind it. An infographic that could be sent to new and potential SEO clients was a fast way to get them up to speed. 

I began with the concept of SEO as human interaction -- the most effective tactics were trending towards genuine outreach as more and more spam tactics are discovered and punished.

With social interaction as common ground with clients of all types, I next created the copy for the infographic. The design was stylized similar to a blueprint, as I was explaining the basic architecture of an SEO service.